Stories by topic

The stories can be accessed by predefined topics. In some instances, several stories go under the same topic (such as energy or atoms), in others, there is just one story (at the moment) related to it. Other categories, which define different sets of the same stories, are the Nature of Science (NoS) or the subject area, to which the story is related.

The topics are

Energy with stories on Joule's research on the mechanical equivalent of heat, Benjamin Thompson's workthat led him to interpret heat as motion, and Augustin pioneering work in the use of solar energy.

Atoms with stories that deal with the question of mass conservation in chemical reactions, the demonstration of artificial radioactivity, and stories on the development of atomic models.

Electricity with a story on Lichtenberg figures.

Metamorphosis with the story of Sibylla Maria Merian.

Nourishment with stories on Beri-Beri, scurvy, the physiological meaning of breathing, and and the development of meat extracts.

Periodic system with a story on Mendeleev and his search for the organisation of chemical elements.

Radioactivity with a story on Marie Curie and her demonstration of the existence of hitherto unknown chemical elements, and a story on Marie's daughter Irène and her demonstration of artificial radioactivity.

Vacuum with a story on the work and ideas of Otto Guericke.