Science and its methods cannot answer all questions.

On the one hand, there are certain areas which cannot be answered by scientific methods. This does not mean that  scientists do not have an opinion with respect to these questions. However, their opinions are those of human beings and not scientific ones. Moreover, there are also questions to which science has not found an answer so far, and it can be questioned whether science will ever find an answer.

Stories where this aspect plays an important role are:

  • The immediate use of solar energy is indeed known for quite some time already. This story tells you about the development of the first solar powered cookstove and the political and economical reasons, why it did not become a best practice model.
    Mouchot and the solar cooker
  • Here, a fictive dispute between Democritus and Plato shall represent the counterpart images in the antiquities on the composition of matter. It is remarkable, that Democritus, whose idea on the subject would be far more acceptable after modern standards, could not outmatch his counterpart Plato. It was not until around 1800, when his model and the idea of smallest undividable pieces was rediscovered.
    Democritus and the Atoms