Mouchot and the solar cooker

The period in which we live is a time of many inventions, that change our lives. The pace of these changes is very large and seems to grow. Some believe  that this pace especially increased after the World War II. Others, however, the beginning of rapid economical, social and political changes shift into the nineteenth century, called the age of steam and electricity. It is also said, that this was a period of industrial revolution, in which large-scale production was a transition from the manufactures to the factories. One of its features was the growing demand for energy, which is required for propelling steam engines in the factories. The best raw material for production of energy was coal (forest resources were very limited). However, the coal in France began to run out. But, the only source that allows to cover the growing need for energy is coal? "Necessity is the mother of inventions". With the help of the discoverers invention the other solutions were suggested.  ...

Mouchot and the solar cooker

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Historical Resources

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B Secondary Sources

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