Liebig and nutrition

Sunlight was sipping through the tall window, falling onto the book held by a man with an oval face. White hair surrounded his friendly face, focused on the reading. His eyes were quickly running through the lines fulfilled with letters and he was absorbed by the reading. ‘Mr Liebig, Mr Muspratt has come’, a housemaid had to repeat the sentence twice until the older man could tear himself away from the voluminous book and smiled gently. A guest came in, following the housemaid. Liebig smiled and came near the newcomer. ...

Liebig and nutrition

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Historical Resources

A Primary Sources

Liebig, Justus et. al.: Liebig’s Extract of Meat, in: The Lancet 86, Ausgabe 2199 (10.1865), S. 469, doi:10.1016/S0140-6736(02)58409-9.
Parloa, Maria/Liebig’s Extract of Meat Company: One Hundred Ways to use Liebig Company’s Extract of Beef: A Guide for American Housewives, London 1897.
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B Secondary Sources

Brock, William H.: Justus von Liebig: The Chemical Gatekeeper, Cambridge 1997.
Gratzer, W. B: Terrors of the Table: The Curious History of Nutrition, Oxford 2006.
Guggenheim, K Y: Johannes Müller and Justus Liebig on Nutrition, in: Korot 8, Ausgabe 11-12 (1985), S. 66–76.

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